How It Works


Renters get a fragmented inventory on paid sites because Property Owners pay artificially high prices to advertise their rental units to you.

Renters typically visit at least 4 sites to see what’s available. The “big sites” make it cost-prohibitive for most owners to advertise on all three:,, and

DLC solves this problem by enabling Property Owners to advertise on our platform at an extremely low cost. This benefits renters by giving you access to search the widest range of available rental units throughout Chicagoland.

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DLC Helps Renters Searching a Fragmented Rental Market.


Help build our Chicago network, one unit at a time. DLC is like a low-cost public utility we can all enjoy! Plus, reduce your ad budget and reach more renters. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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  • List each unit for only $1
  • Rent your unit(s)